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Above: I took with my newly acquired webcam, so it looks a bit fuzzy (also, this pic was taken in 1998)


Story of my life:
  I was born in Hong Kong, in Happy Valley.  It would only be natural that I'd be a happy kid growing up, and I was.  We left my first home when I was seven, to immigrate to the city that is representative of all that is America, Irvine, California.  I've lived there ever since, went to schools there most of my life.  I went to Woodbridge High School, which, naturally, was the best high school in Irvine, and now, I have found myself at Stanford University, which is, of course, the best college on this planet.  
  My freshman year, I lived in a one-room double in Eucalipto, West Lag.  If you want to know other things about my dorm, go to Luke's page.  I lived with my roommate and Physics major, Dan Flickinger.  He plays seven instruments and did "research" last  summer for Nobel Laureate Douglas Osheroff.  But enough about him.  
  During the summer of '99, I went back to Irvine and worked at Peninsula Real Estate Brokerage.  My sophomore year, I lived in my own sweet single, in Adams (Sterling Quad), part of Freshman Sophomore College
  During the summer of '00, the year known as "the end of the world," I lived in a three room apartment with a few other Stanford students in Redwood City and working for ePocrates in San Carlos.  The apartment was new, and very nice.  And I was finally cooking for myself (and my apartment-mates).  I cook pretty good (yes, I know that's grammatically incorrect).  
  For my junior year, I lived in Mirlo, in FloMo (yes, SLE land).  All the dorms in FloMo are named after birds.  And all the dorms back in Lag, are named after trees.  They actually serve real ice cream in the dining hall in FloMo.  And, rumor has it Florence Moore left it in her will that ice cream had to be served in FloMo.  
  During the summer of '01, I lived in Mountain View and worked for the comapany everyone loves to hate, AOL Time Warner on its Netscape campus in Mountain View.    
  For my senior year, I was rewarded with a sweet single in Roble, 3A. It had absolutely the most gorgeous window view. After my college graduation, I spent a month in Europe, then started my new job as a QA Engineer at Plumtree Software in San Francisco. I currently live in Daly City, but will be moving to the Inner Sunset in the City in a week.

Schools I have gone to (other than Stanford):

warrior.gif (1387 bytes) Woodbridge High School

lakeside.jpg (6251 bytes) Lakeside Middle School

meadowp.gif (1177 bytes) Meadow Park Elementary School

iusd.gif (3033 bytes) Turtle Rock Elementary School

stpaul.jpg (3713 bytes) St. Paul Co-Educational College

  Raimondi College

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