Select Essays

These are pretty much some select essays on interesting topics that I have written for school:

From Stanford University:
Exiles to a Foreign Land: The Hong Kong Chinese in America, Research paper for 
     Comparative Literature 168
Intellivision: It's Legacy, and the Evolution of Baseball Video Games, Research paper for
     Science, Technology, and Society 145

Articles I've written for the Stanford Daily:
News Section:
Bill Gates to speak at Kresge 4/25/02
Hotmail founder highlights panel 4/15/02
Westly runs for state controller 4/10/02
Two students win prestigious scholarships 1/7/02
Innovator promises revolution with Segway scooter 12/5/01 to operate CDC service 9/27/01
Hong Kong Secretary for Security speaks at Encina 8/16/01
Libertarians form new group to promote party on campus 4/30/01
University provides more support for undergrads with kids 1/26/01
Stanford senior on the 'Rhode' to Oxford with scholarship win 1/12/01
Students Await Election Results 12/6/00
Honda's election to U.S. House gives Campbell's seat to Dems 11/8/00
Hagelin: physicist for prez 10/31/00
Candidates differ on taxes
GSC discusses housing plans 10/5/00
Fac Sen sets agenda for the year 9/29/00
Incoming freshmen eager for their arrival in September 8/31/00
Dems return from DNC 8/24/00
Clinton addresses the DNC in L.A. 8/17/00

Innovation Section:
Touching Bases: Business leaders discuss prospects in current economy 11/14/01
The Answer Dude: Microsoft shifts strategy to focus on Internet 10/24/01
Pioneering astronaut speaks 8/30/01
Not your ordinary cup of joe: Java innovator speaks 8/16/01
Answer Dude: Streaming media still stinks 8/9/01
Where the falcons soar 8/2/01
Disney chairman speaks at gathering 4/18/01
Stanford power system is explained 2/7/01
Virtual reality draws closer with haptics 11/22/00
The Explainer: XML 10/18/00

Intermission Section:
Windtalkers mini-review 7/5/02
Rush Hour 2 review 8/9/01

Sports Section:
Don’t hate them, they’re beautiful: a Lakers fan speaks 7/5/01

Opinion Section:
Column in Graduation Issue of The Stanford Daily 6/2002

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