Random Musings by Jeff

I often think that people don't ever visit my site, but apparently they do, since every so often someone will mention that they've been to my site or ask me something about it.  So I thought that I should explain the history of this site for a little bit.  Parts of this site seems incongruent with other parts of this site, and the reason is that I started this site during my junior year of high school, and I've constantly put on layers over older versions of the site without necessarily completely redesigning the site, so I apologize if parts of this site seem a little disjointed.  A lot of the graphics are out of date, and while I am no master graphic designer, I would say that large parts of this site can be made better visually, and I apologize that I have not had the time nor the willpower to do so.  Originally started as just a fun diversion, this site has turned into a place where employers can check me out, a forum for me to gripe, and a place where friends and strangers alike can find out a little bit about me.  As you can probably tell, two of my biggest passions are Hong Kong and Stanford.  Hong Kong, because I was born there and have had the privilege of living there and visiting there and seeing it grow up into the modern, cosmopolitan, even democratic city it is today.  Stanford, because this university has provided avenues of happiness, of friendship, of career advancement for me that have exceeded my expectations of what college life should be about.  Whether you're a friend or just an acquaintance, whether you know me or you're just surfing around, I hope that you will be entertained by what's here.  

I have a feeling this page is going to remain empty for a very long time.

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