Pictures from senior year
*Note, some of these pics come from Bill and Surag and Eugene's digital collection

21st birthday, posing with the boucner outside the bar, baby.

The view from my Roble room senior year.

Big Game.

Piazza Maggiore, Bologna.

Global Startup Workshop 2002, University of Bologna.

Hey Jeff, how are the trains in Italy like? Umm...

Narrow street, Florence.

Ponte Vecchio, Florence.

Duomo and gelato, Florence.

I was tired, okay?

Mad Cow's Disease? What's that?

The flight back with the BASES contingent.

Does this look fun? Yes, it was.

More kayaking fun.

Davies Symphony Hall.

Senior dinner on the Quad fun.

Oh, graduation.

Friends! Yes, my family was there too, but I don't have their pictures right now.

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