Why Stanford's Cool

     Other than the obvious line about the strength of academics at Stanford, this is one beautiful campus filled with some of the most diverse, intellectual, brilliant, funny people I have ever met.  The school itself is remarkably well preserved in terms of looking much like what it looked like 100 years ago: Jane and Leland Stanford's vision for creating an intellectual haven where students can obtain a stanford.jpg (28592 bytes)

practical education under the bask of the blissful, utopian Stanford campus and under the perpetually sunny and cool weather of California.  
     But of course, the main reason I came here was because of the academics.  Stanford has an excellent engineering school, on par with MIT, Caltech, UC Berkeley, etc.  I'm an electrical engineering major.  Stanford's is at the center of the information/internet revolution going on right now in Silicon Valley.  But, it might surprise you to know that I also came to Stanford for the other things.  Only 10% of the students here are engineers.  Unlike some other technical schools like MIT and Caltech, Stanford has an abundance of top flight humanities departments, and it was the academic diversity of this place and the opportunity to take classes and interact with people outside engineering that lured me here.  I intend on being a darn good computer programmer, and with a Stanford engineering education, that won't be hard to do.  But I feel like I came into the real world with a more complete, more practical sense, of the various intellectual pursuits.   

Some cool pictures of Stanford

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