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Courses I have taken at Stanford

First Year
Fall Quarter
-Math 51- Linear Equations and Differential Calculus of Several Variables (R. Cohen)
-Chinese 1B- First-Year Modern Chinese for Bilingual Students (Rozelle)
-Anthropology 8- Cultures, Ideas, and Values (CIV): Origins (J. Fox)
-Religious Studies 3N- Stanford Intro. Seminar: Murder in the Cathedral (H. Gelber)
-Social Dances of North America 1 (R. Powers)

Winter Quarter
-Math 52- Integral Calculus of Several Variables (G. Carlsson)
-Physics 43- Electricity (A. Schwettman)
-Physics 43N- Stanford Intro. Dialogue: Electricity-Understanding Electrical Phenomena (D. Osheroff)
-Chinese 2B- First-Year Modern Chinese for Bilingual Students (Rozelle)
-Anthropology 9- Cultures, Ideas, and Values (CIV): Encounters (A. Burce)
-Social Dances of North America 2 (R. Powers)

Spring Quarter
-Math 53- Ordinary Differential Equations with Linear Algebra (R. Schoen)
-Physics 45- Magnetism (P. Michelson)
-Chinese 3B- First-Year Modern chinese for Bilingual Students (Rozelle)
-Anthropology 10- Cultures, Ideas, and Values (CIV): Identities (S. Yanigisako)

Second Year
Autumn Quarter:
-Physics 47- Light and Heat (D. Osheroff)
-Engineering 40- Introductory Electronics (R.F. Pease)
-Computer Science 106A- Programming Methodology (E. Roberts)
-Political Science 20- Comparing Political Systems: Power, Policy, and Industrial Development (D. Abernethy)

Winter Quarter:
Electrical Engineering 101- Introduction to Circuits (R. Gray)
-Computer Science 106B- Programming Abstractions (R. Plummer)
-Engineering 50- Introductory Science of Materials (J. Bravman)
-Economics 50- Economic Analysis I (P. Hammond)

Spring Quarter:
Electrical Engineering 102- Introduction to Signals and Systems (D. Nishimura)
-Computer Science 107- Programming Paradigms (J. Cain)
-Economics 51- Economic Analysis II (K. Schmidt)
-Economics 52- Economic Analysis III (M. Horvath)

Third Year
Autumn Quarter:
-Electrical Engineering 103- Introduction to Signal Processing (D. Nishimura)
-Electrical Engineering 111- Electronics I (S. Wong)
-Electrical Engineering 121- Digital Design Laboratory (R. F. Pease)
-Engineering 102E- Technical/Professional Writing for Electrical Engineers (Lougee)
-Chinese 21B- Second-Year Modern Chinese for Bilingual Students (Q. Zhu)
-Athletics 52- Golf:Beginning (J. Miller)

Winter Quarter:
-Electrical Engineering 112- Electronics II (S. Wong)
-Computer Science 108 - Object Oriented Programming in Java (N. Parlante)
-Comparative Literature 168 - Introduction to Asian American Culture (Palumbo-Liu)
-Chinese 22B - Second-Year Modern Chinese for Bilingual Students (Q. Zhu)

Spring Quarter:
-Electrical Engineering 113 - Electronic Circuits (R. Dutton)
-Electrical Engineering 122 - Analog Lab (G. Kovacs)
-Electrical Engineering 182 - Computer Organization and Design (T. Fountain)
-Chinese 23B - Second-Year Modern Chinese for Bilingual Students (Q. Zhu)

Fourth Year
Autumn Quarter:
Electrical Engineering 141 - Engineering Electromagnetics (U. Inan)
-Electrical Engineering 284 - Introduction to Computer Networks (F. Tobagi)
-Electrical Engineering 100 - The Electrical Engineering Profession (R. Gray)
-Statistics 116 - Theory of Probability (Siegmund)
-Chinese 101A - Third-Year Modern Chinese for Bilingual Students (Chu)

Winter Quarter:
-Electrical Engineering 142 - Electromagnetic Waves (U. Inan)
-Computer Science 193W - Microsoft Windows Programming (P. Young)
-Science, Technology, and Society 145 - History of Computer Game Design: Technology, Culture, and Business (H. Lowood)
-Chinese 101B - Third-Year Modern Chinese for Bilingual Students (Chu)

Spring Quarter:
-Computer Science 194 - Software Project (R. Plummer)
-Computer Science 193I - Internet Technologies (N. Parlante)
-Art and Art History 2 - Art and Culture in Asia (M. Takeuchi)
-Chinese 101C - Third-Year Modern Chinese for Bilingual Students (Chu)