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        Ever since getting our first computer when I was in seventh grade, I have been fascinated by them.  I'd like to contribute to the development of computers someday, hence I'm hoping to major  in Electrical Engineering focusing on Computer Hardware.

-If you would like a 30-second pictorial history of the personal computer, go here.  I think you'll be pleasantly  surprised by how fast computers have developed over the last twenty years. (warning, I wrote that page when I was in high school, so probably is somewhat outdated by now)

-A good source to find out the latest in computer technologies is at PC World

-During my junior year, I took CS108, an OOP class taught in Java.  Here's the Web site for our final project.  

-Last summer, I worked at ePocrates, a palm pilot company that makes apps for doctors.  I am no longer working on web design, but I am working on web forms and their underlying implementation.  I programmed  in Java, and have used servlets, JSP, JavaBeans, as well as JDBC to link web forms with an Oracle database.  

-Last summer, I worked for Peninsula IREB and created their website for them at www.peninsulaireb.com.  The version that I worked on is located at the mirror site here.  

-Two summers ago, I was a webmaster of OCNetwork.  It's located at www.ocnetwork.com, but for the version that I worked on, here's the mirror site (sorry, but most of the links do not work on this mirror site):
-The main page
-The Technical Companies Site