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A Brief History of the Personal Computer

altair.jpg (7415 bytes)

The MIS Altair 8800 personal computer, arguably the first of its kind, built in 1974.  It didn't have a keyboard, monitor, or a speaker; the only way one could input instructions into the Altair was through a series of on/off buttons and lights on the computer panel.   





The Apple II computer circa 1978 or 79.  It really took off after Apple founders Wozniak and Jobs found venture capitalists to finance the mass production of this ocmputer, the first that actaully looked like a modern computer. 


apple2.gif (8096 bytes)

But Big Blue, IBM, fought back in 1982, creating the IBM PC.  IBM's name lent credibility to the PC's place in the business world and home, and Apple's share of the market started getting cut drastically by this powerful new arrival.

ibmpc.gif (21099 bytes)


To keep itself technologically ahead of the competition, Apple unveiled the Macintosh.  Its graphical user interface and mouse support was years ahead of its time compared with the PC, which was still using MS-DOS for its operating system.   While Apple would earn a great deal of money off the Macintosh, it was unsuccessful in stealing market share away from the PC. 

mac.gif (9770 bytes)

This is a modern PC.  Fast, lean (mini-tower case), with mouse speakers, monitors, modem, and installed with Windows 98, the newest operating system using graphical user interface, this has become the standard in the world today. 


aptiva.gif (2562 bytes)

imac.jpg (4565 bytes)

Apple interim CEO and founder Steve Jobs hopes that the iMac, the revolutionary "new kid on the block"  (introduced in August 1998),  will take back Apple's declining market share and bring new life into the company. 

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