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Please note- The contents of this page are from 2002, which I am keeping on the web for posterity. For my up to date resume, go here:

57 Castillejo
Daly City, CA 94015   

Jeff Tam

Obtain full time position developing computer software or hardware.

Strong languages: Java (servlets, JavaBeans, JDBC, Swing, Apache SOAP), C/C++, Javascript, HTML.
Familiar languages: MIPS, Pascal, Lisp, SQL.
Tools: Visual Studio, Visual Café, gcc, Purify, QuarkXpress, PSPICE, MFC, sockets, TCP/IP, UNIX.

1998-2002    Stanford University,    Palo Alto, CA
-B.S. in Electrical Engineering, computer software focus.

1994-1998 Woodbridge High School, Irvine, CA
-4.30 GPA, top GPA in class, graduation in 6/1998.
-Graduated with seal-bearer status from California Scholastic Federation, Tandy Technology Scholar.
1997-1998        University of California, Irvine, Irvine, CA
-Participant in University Program for High School Scholars.
-Completed 16 units of coursework at UC Irvine.

2002-Present         Plumtree Software , San Francisco, CA
QA Engineer, Engineering
-Developed automatic testing suites for web applications using Java.
-Led QA group efforts to initiate and develop automatic testing strategy for integration products.
-Performed install, functional, scale testing for a variety of web applications.

Summer 2001         AOL Time Warner, Mountain View, CA
General Intern, Engineering
-Worked in group specializing in end-to-end web solutions using Java, Javascript, and DHTML.
-Helped use Javascript/DHTML technology to create fully functional web applications.
-Code base mimics Java and designed fully using OOP principles.

Summer 2000          ePocrates, Inc., San Carlos, CA
General Intern, Engineering
-Worked for Palm application startup specializing in apps for medical practitioners.
-Created or modified web form projects used by our doctors using Java servlets, JDBC to access Oracle database, HTML, and JavaScript
-Used JSP and JavaBeans in lieu of servlets for some of the forms.
-Tools used include Visual Cafe 4.0, Tomcat, javac.  

Summer 1999          Peninsula Investment Real Estate Brokerage, Irvine, CA
Research Assistant
-Webmaster of the Peninsula IREB website, responsible for creating and designing the company's home on the web. 
-Used Microsoft Frontpage 98, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 to create site.
-Used Real Estate Assistant 5.0 and 6.0; made alterations to existing real estate shell within Microsoft Access 2000. 

Summer 1998         ClickShot Inc., Tustin, CA
Web Designer
-Webmaster of OCNetwork, a comprehensive website for the business entrepreneurs of Orange County.
-Used Microsoft Frontpage 98, Net Objects Fusion 3.0, Adobe Photoshop 4.0, Ulead PhotoImpact 4.0, and other programs to create site.
-JavaScript rollovers incorporated in website menus.

1997-1998 Woodbridge High School, Irvine, CA
Vice Technology Commissioner
-Helped lead ten-member ASB committee to develop school webpage.
-Resulting webpage is the most comprehensive high school page in Irvine.

1996-1998 Mrs. Penny Letherlee, Irvine, CA
Math Tutor
-Tutored high school student in Algebra and Geometry.

1994-1996 Community Service Programs, Inc.,  Irvine, CA
Office Page
-45 hours of community service work at non-profit organization.
-Experience working on clerical tasks in office.

Other projects:
-Editor of Innovation, the weekly science and technology section of The Stanford Daily; responsibilities included overseeing writers and story assignments, coordinating content, and designing and editing the section.  Also wrote extensively across the Innovation, News, Sports and Intermission sections.
-E-Challenge Workshops Coordinator, Business Assoc. of Stanford Eng. Students, recruited venture capitalists and industry leaders to speak at workshops designed to help students prepare for the Entrepreneur's Challenge, a business-plan competition at Stanford; in charge of all organizational aspects.

-Web app developer, helped develop a servlet-based online publishing system for Stanford Graduate School of Business newsletter.
-Stanford Solar Car Team member, helped to build a solar vehicle used for long distance racing.

Fluent Cantonese speaker, limited proficiency in Mandarin and French.

Playing tennis, fencing, playing the piano, doing community service, developing Web sites, swing dancing. 

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