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My Stanford Academic Resume
Business Association of Stanford Engineering Students (BASES) 4th E-Challenge Workshops Coordinator.  Recruited venture capitalists and industry leaders to speak at workshops designed to help students prepare for the Entrepreneur's Challenge, a business-plan competition at Stanford; in charge of all organizational aspects.
Stanford Anthology for Youth 4th Volunteered to teach a journalism workshop to high school students through SAY, a program that promotes writing among middle-schoolers.
Stanford Daily 3rd, 4th Editor of Innovation Section (science and tech);
Staff Writer for News Section.
Outreach to ASian American Immigrants (OASIS) 3rd, 4th Serving as a mentor for recent Asian-American immigrant and high school student.  
Splash!-ESP (Educational Studies Program) 2nd, 3rd Volunteered to teach an annual class on HTML and its applications to high school students from the area.  
Dorm Government


2nd Dorm Treasurer of Adams Dorm; chief editor of dorm yearbook.
Stanford Solar Car Project      
Active in helping to build solar car for Sunrayce '99
College Bowl Club         


Active member; participated in intramural tournament; started for Stanford's #1 team at Stanford Invitational
Dorm Government 1st    Dorm President of Eucalipto Dorm; dorm yearbook committee chair and chief editor. 
Hong Kong Students Association 1st Member
Undergraduate Chinese-Amer. Assoc. 1st Member

-Wrote articles for CommunicAsians, the Asian-American newsletter put out by AASA (Asian American Student Association) each quarter.

Playing tennis and basketball, fencing, collecting stamps, playing the piano and trumpet, developing webpages, club dancing, swing dancing. 

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